Mummy’s Perfect Penne Pasta

Serve up something spine-chillingly scrumptious with Mummy’s Penne Pasta!

Pour your pasta in a pot to boil. Meanwhile, chop up an onion and toss in olive oil over low/medium heat to brown. Pick up a rotisserie chicken that’s ready to go and remove the meat, add these chunks to the skillet. Cut up a carrot or two, then add the slices, a half cup of heavy cream, and a bag of frozen peas to the skillet as well. Drain pasta after cooking according to directions on box, and complete the mix in your skillet. Stir ingredients and watch your little goblins begin to drool! 

Penne pasta with googly eyes.

Two plates penne pasta with Halloween napkins.

Sprinkle parsley and grated parmesan on top just before serving. We chose these adorably festive little plastic plates for our penne pasta meal. Beware! Hungry spiders and other creepy crawlers might come over for a bite!

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