Mud Pie Summer Bedroom Refresh

Mud Pie makes it so simple to reflect the shift into the summer season. Select a room that needs a little refresh and update that space with just a handful of key pieces. Include your personal taste and style with the items you incorporate by choosing pieces that coordinate with and complement your existing decor.

Light blanket with tassels from Mud Pie.

I often turn to warmer tones and accents for fall and winter, so I tend to brighten my home with splashy blue hues during the summer season. I have a thing for throws, so it’s no surprise I snagged a light blanket with soft, sassy tassels to be part of my summer bedroom refresh.

Maybe this is just me, but a person can never have too many throw pillows! Mommas, if given the option, always choose more pillows! I adore these blue and tan striped cotton pillows with French knot details. The center pillow brings texture to the mix, and the tassels coordinate well with the throw to tie the bedding together.

Brittany with throw pillows from Mud Pie.

Finally, I picked out this framed decor piece with the most precious saying. What a perfect visual reminder when you wake up each morning.
With the snap of a finger (and just a few clicks on the website) we were able to refresh the look of an entire bedroom with only 5 products! Make a summer statement in your space this season with Mud Pie!

Gold frame decor in summer bedroom.