Merry Mint-inis

Girls, go ahead and make this holiday a happy one by serving up some unique Merry Mint-inis to your sassy circle of mommas! This season, as you serve and sip, think outside the bottle and pour your Peppermint Mocha into a festive fillable bauble! 

Fill with my fave – Peppermint Mocha – or choose the flavor that blows your Christmas tree skirt up! (Psst – We won’t tell Santa!) 

Sipping spirits through a festive striped straw always takes any decorative drink up a notch. Want your name on the Nice List? Set out cute cookie cutters or muffin tins as decorative cup holders for your gal pals to steady their Ornamentinis.

There are oodles of ways to enjoy these seasonal sippers. Spice up your hot chocolate with a pinch of Peppermint Mocha to give your cocoa a little kick. Snag a set of these mighty minis, strap on a striped straw, an ornament filled with peppermints or paper shred, then bop on a bow and it’s ready to go!

My girls always smile so sweet when they see Jackson Morgan being served at any of my seasonal soirees.

And we sip to ourselves… What a wonderful world!

Please sip responsibly.