Meal Prep Made Easy – Egg Cups

Hiiii! Can we chat about food for a sec? 🙂
One thing that has really made a difference for me in my movement toward my goals is More. Meal. Prep. Rather than finding myself seeking the convenience of the drive-thru, when I prepare meals ahead of time that I know not only fuel my body but also take me steps closer to my goal, I am more inclined and find it just as convenient to enjoy those foods instead. Here I share with you one of my favorite go-to meal preps that you can easily alter by switching up the ingredients to meet your taste!

Meal prep containers with egg cups.

Egg cup meal prep in cupcake pan.

Flexible directions: Whisk up ten large eggs. Line muffin pan with 12 silicone muffin cups or spray with non-stick cooking spray so egg cups will release easily. Pour egg base into 12 cups (should only fill cups halfway or ⅔ full). Decide which combinations you want to try, and add those flavors and ingredients to the cups. Cook at 400 degrees until eggs are no longer runny. Store any cups you don’t plan to eat immediately in resealable bags or containers. Pop them in the fridge or freeze for later!

Here are some flavor and ingredient combinations I enjoy adding to my egg cups:

Dry ranch packet 

3 cheese
Salt and Pepper 


Rotisserie Chicken shredded
Buffalo sauce

Enjoy these with a variety of flavorful yet powerful sides like blackberries, cheese cubes, and pistachios!

I love sharing ideas and recipes that we can not only enjoy solo, but in celebrations with family and friends! Take a peek at my Instagram for more foodie inspiration!

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