Master Bedroom Inspiration

Does anyone else get reminiscent around the beginning of the school year? Some things are so incredibly different today, but some things I think have held steady and true. I am reminded of times during class when teachers would encourage us not to be afraid to ask for help if we didn’t understand or if we felt stuck. I know I have teacher friends today who have said that same thing, and seen both sides of the coin. They’ve had students who struggled in secrecy, seeming like they had it all together on the outside, but on the inside they weren’t sure what to do. Then they’ve had students who admitted their struggle and asked for help and were met with guidance and good advice!

Let’s just confess we do these same things in adulthood! Geeeeez, it seems like seeing everyone’s highlight reel on their social media makes it appear that everyone has ALL their ducks in a row! I was met with one of these situations recently as I began to plan out our master bedroom in the home we are building. I was kind of… stumped. In both the houses we’ve had, Brad and I have always kind of let the master bedroom draw the short straw. We have always focused on the rest of the house, and the master just kind of gets the shaft. Anything we had left over, or hand-me-down, random but necessary furniture and decor pieces found their way in, but nothing we were every really excited about.


I enthusiastically raised my hand and asked for help.
My good friend and designer Kelly Jo Johnson answered my call for help, and I could not be more thankful! I had some ideas but I needed some assistance narrowing down between several options that I liked. Sometimes we just need a second opinion! (Deciding on a dress, shoes, master bedroom decor, LOL!) When I’m not sure what to do, I am also famous for opting for what’s “safe”. A friend with good taste can lovingly encourage you to make more bold decisions, and can give you a lil push when needed. We were tossing around the idea of a cute swing as a seating option, and I just wasn’t sure. But Kelly Jo really showed me lots of examples on Pinterest of how people make it work, and made it work WELL. She really helped me see outside the box and now I can’t wait to read in that bamboo swing!

One of my main objectives is for our master to be a cozy area that we enjoy spending time in together, not just a place to throw our stuff down and crash. The decor will actually be tied in with the rest of the house in the same coastal farmhouse style, and the pieces we choose will be purposeful and adored! The wallpaper we decided upon will be on the accent wall behind the headboard. For once, I am SO excited to see our master bedroom come together!

All this to say, it is okay to to admit we need help when we meet a task we are struggling with. I know most of the time we are multi-tasking wonder women, and we make a mazillion decisions a day and handle a ton of things on our own. That’s why when we do meet a challenge, it’s okay for us to rely on another pretty powerhouse pal to lend us a hand 😉

Feel free to use our pin below to bookmark this idea for later!

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Stay Tuned! We’ll be sharing ideas for Brady’s room and some Studio Inspiration here on the blog soon! In the meantime, follow our Certified Celebrator Home journey on Instagram!