Mama Prays

Heaven knows that especially over the last few months ALL the mamas are praying tirelessly all day every day! We pray for those on the front lines, for essential workers, and for our communities. Some of us have been praying for the ability to homeschool our children, or for the discipline and organization needed to work from home, or the strength to support loved ones now working in the home. I’m sure the Lord heard some prayers from mamas just asking for help to simply HOLD IT TOGETHER! Can I get an Amen?! I know I sent up a few of those myself! 

I love this super soft tee that provides a gentle reminder to pause and pray! I also adore that this Adybelle top lets others know that they are in the presence of a prayer warrior, and perhaps makes people feel more comfortable about pulling me to the side and asking me to pray for them. Hey, if what we wear can help us witness, I can get on board with that!