Make Room to be Unrushed

When your list is growing longer and longer with things to accomplish, places to go, items to check off, slow down. Be still. Whisper a prayer for clarity and meaningful direction. Let’s make room to be unrushed. To be present. To intentionally celebrate those around us. To share a smile or a sweet text message. To drop a card in the mail. To squeeze our little lovies. To host a dance party in the living room. To leave a note for a neighbor. And to think of others.

Brittany in the doorway with round tray of pre-packaged goods and snacks.

It felt so good to drop off this prepacked snack board to Brady’s school and take time to prepare my bonus room to be a classroom. Brady will be learning on a hybrid schedule, which is new for us, and while I’m feeling overwhelmed with a million things to do, I know the most important thing is for me to love. To love the way God intends for us to. So, I’ve decided I’ll slow down today and intentionally celebrate a few people who need it!

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