Living With Significance

Here we are already a couple of weeks into the new year, and I know some of us might be struggling with maintaining our resolutions and goals! Right?! Changes can be hard!
Breaking habits can be difficult!
I wonder if instead of making all these new goals, and trying to break old habits, I wonder if we focused just on doing what we already do with purpose and significance, I wonder if that could be a meaningful resolution that would stick!

Over time I’ve been praying about what it means to live a meaningful life.
In my heart I know that I do not live, work, or love for myself but instead for the Lord. SOO… what now? If my job is to work for the Lord how am I going to do that? How am I sure that every business decision I make is for the purpose of the His perfect Kingdom? AND, am I really doing his work by celebrating and decorating with all my girlfriends on Facebook and Instagram? Is that “really” a kingdom-called job? Oh, but I love it so much. It brings such joy to my heart. But I still wonder if this is exactly where I’m supposed to be!

Brittany and Brady

I know some of you may be there too. Wondering if you are doing exactly what you are “supposed” to be doing. There are very few jobs that actually directly save lives or change lives, right? But can we still be purposeful if we are cleaning homes, delivering mail, managing social media accounts, or encouraging women to love and celebrate their home?
If you have ever had any of these thoughts… this post is for you!

One day I was walking the track at church when I had an epiphany, and everything became so clear to me!
So here is what I concluded…
1. We are an example to other people to find what they LOVE and do it!
2. When we are doing what we love we will have a contagious joy and enthusiasm that will spread.
3. When we do what we love we will invest in meaningful, rich conversations that will inspire others around us.
4. When we do what we love during the day our home life at night will be rich.

Brittany and the girls celebrating the book launch
Brittany and Brady playing with soap bubbles
And for my creative friends who are wondering if decorating your house for every holiday and season or dropping DIY gifties on people’s porches is meaningful,
here is what I know for you…
1. Decorating and celebrating in your home or doing DIY giftie projects brings joy to homes and the people in them! These things can completely change the attitude and atmosphere of a home. Similar to how your favorite song will totally change your mood!
2. Celebrating is a healthy outlet to process any emotions rather than keeping them bottled up… which is never good!
3. Living creatively kicks your imagination in full gear – making you think about new ways of living life to the fullest and bringing joy to those around you.
4. When you invest time into your space it quickly becomes a home that is comfortable, warm, and inviting. Who doesn’t want a place that will form memories their family will remember for a lifetime?
5. Your home needs that creative gift that you have. That’s why the Lord blessed you with it! Your friends and neighbors want to see you shine your light as well!

No matter where you are or what you are doing… your work in this world is only as significant as you make it!

January magazine cover - Brittany with 2021 decor.
If you have a longing to start celebrating the small moments… If the Lord has placed it on your heart to share His love with others by showing kindness and thoughtfulness… Do not feel overwhelmed! Find some support, someone to cheer you on, someone to give you the information you need to be successful, and someone to give you direction and inspiration.
Our monthly digital magazine Celebrate with Sprinkles does exactly that.
It’s a resource for busy babes, hot mess mommas & mamaws, and goal-getter girlfriends to find information, ideas, inspiration, and encouragement about living a celebrated life and using that special gift that only you have to spread joy in your home, neighborhood, and community!