Living Room Reveal

Ya’ll know I can be a very sentimental person about a lot of things… Are we all that way? To some extent? When we think about keepsakes and memorabilia, there are of course things that we have to let go of (we can’t hoard it ALL, right?!), then there are things that we simply cannot fathom parting with.
THEN there are things that we have lost along the way that we bring back to life in other ways!!

I have mentioned my sweet grandmother on countless occasions, I work her into stories whenever I can – she deserves so much credit! Her home was always so warm and inviting, and when considering designing and decorating my own home, there was so much of her I wanted to include!

I may wear bold colors and bright lipstick, but generally I play it safe in my home with lots of neutrals. Lipstick color can change, but home decor just seemed so.. permanent! Eeeek! I admit I was scared when making decisions about furniture and fabrics.

I have to say, the fine folks at Ford’s Furniture were so friendly and patient with me and my incessant indecisiveness. Bless their hearts, they may not have known what they were getting themselves into with me! They really held my hand through the process and were incredibly helpful, answering all my questions and showing me all kinds of samples. I cannot recommend them any higher! If you are in the market for furniture, see my friends at Ford’s Furniture!

I was thumbing through some seating options when suddenly my heart skipped a nostalgic beat. This beautiful pair of royal blue buffalo plaid chairs called out to me from the page and took me on a trip down memory lane. My grandmother utilized a lot of royal blue in her decor and she absolutely adored buffalo plaid. It was like these chairs potentially posed a functional tribute to her and a wonderful way to keep my memories close to home! Soooooo. I did it! I made a bold choice, way outside my neutral comfort zone, and I could not be happier with my decision!

With that, I have a few pieces of advice my friends 🙂

If you aren’t able to keep every piece of nostalgic memorabilia, be open to new and unusual ways to pay homage to your memories – perhaps in the form of furniture!

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, it keeps things interesting! Start with pillows and blankets, and move to more permanent pieces when you’re ready!

When designing the layout of your space, keep areas open and airy especially where you plan for people to come together or gather, you want a compromise of comfort and style in your space.

Choose a coffee table that is not so big you can’t walk around it, but not so small that it isn’t really functional to hold and display all your beautiful things.

Give the fine folks of Ford’s Furniture the opportunity to be of your service! They provide incredible service, quality, and comfort in their furniture – everything a girl could want!