Fall in Lifestyle Love this Holiday

This year as visions of holiday decor began to dance in my head, I decided I really wanted to stick with my mixed trends style that I have been playing with throughout the year. Just as we did with my Fall/Halloween mantlescape, I wanted to keep some of my normal, everyday, or natural decor but mix in some sassy or fancy pieces to balance things out. I was itchin’ for a few new festive bits and I knew just where to go…

I have always been in lifestyle love with Mud Pie, and as I clicked around their website, I snagged a slew of seasonal and holiday items from home decor to gifts and more! 

I have an obsession with throw pillows (seriously, there is a closet in my house that, if you open it, an avalanche of throw pillows will cascade over you), so of course I scooped up a couple of inviting seasonal pillows that I can switch out for the holidays. 

You may recall the reindeer that adorned my dinner table last year that reminds me so much of one my grandmother used to have. So you can imagine when I saw this adorable little reindeer on the Mud Pie website that I knew he had to be mine. I love the natural element he brings to the picture to counter the glitzy glam of some of my other sparkly sensational stuff. 

Jennifer always says that layering really gives your mantlescape texture and warmth, so when gathering up your garland, don’t be afraid to mix it up! 

After setting up all your decor, take a momma’s movie break! I mean, is it really December if you’re not cuddled up on the couch with a comfy Christmas pillow watching Hallmark movies? I love the variety of sizes and styles that Mud Pie offers – there is a poofy pillow for every space and occasion!

Heading out to a classy Christmas soiree or a sweet cookie swap? Either way, gather up all your goods in this go-to tote bag! It’s my favorite combination of things – adorable AND functional! Don’t leave the house this holiday without it!

Are you feelin’ that itch for a few new festive bits yet?
Go ahead girl, fall in Lifestyle Love this holiday season and create a reliable relationship that will be there for you all year round!