Kroger Lunch Challenge

Whether your littles are getting their learn on back inside the welcoming walls of their school, or from the comfort of your home, or some kind of creative blend in between… one thing remains consistent across the board – the kids are gonna eat! With the help of your friendly neighborhood Kroger, we can end the lunchtime lull with lively, nutritious meals our littles will love!

Brittany with Kroger lunch items.

Y’all I’m not even kidding, there were a few moments over these last few months that I contemplated starting a support group called “Moms on a Mission”. Preparing and serving the vast majority of meals from home for a long span of time was becoming a real challenge for a lot of women I was having close conversations with, myself included! We started sharing tips, tricks, and recipes to help each other take our usual go-to meals off of “repeat” mode. Mommas, with Kroger in our corner, I know we can band together to beat lunch and snack time boredom with the plethora of options to pick from!

Here’s a mealtime tip shared by one of my soul sisters – Take something your kid loves to eat and just create close variations of that meal! This is genius! Brady loves pinwheels, so I can totally transform the recipe by simply switching out a few ingredients! This pinwheel is a tortilla with Kroger’s nitrate-free black forest ham, cream cheese, and shredded cheese tucked inside. Kroger offers a wide variety of packaged lunch meats and cheeses that I can easily trade out to put a little twist on the taste of his pinwheels. Easy Peasy!


Pinwheel roll-ups made with Kroger ingredients.

As far as snacks and sides, I super appreciate the fresh (and affordable!) fruits and veggies readily available in the produce area of my local Kroger. My little loves snacking on celery and carrot sticks dipped in ranch dressing. Kroger mini pretzels and alphabet square cookies add a little crunch to his lunch box. Grapes, watermelon, and blueberries also make great brain break snacks for lunching or munching no matter your learning location! 

Another recipe I like to remix for my kiddo is kabobs. I mean, it doesn’t get much easier than simply stacking nutritious bites on a skewer, am I right Mommas? I love to even let Brady pick out ingredients and try different flavor combinations to see what his palate prefers! This Buggy-built skewer has ham, broccoli, cheese cubes, and strawberries. Toss in a yogurt tube, single-serve chips, and a bag of cookies and lunch is served!

Kabobs with Kroger ingredients.
Kroger lunch for back to school no matter the learning location!

Before you head to the store to snag all these smart buys, be sure you have downloaded the Kroger app! This treasure trove of savings will be well worth the time to install. You can also visit the Kroger website to see Weekly Ads, Coupons, and other savings opportunities! When it comes to feeding your family this school year, your dollar stretches further at Kroger!

Kroger Lunch Challenge