Celebrate Every Day Screensaver

Can I just take a moment to say how much I adore that we can connect and share joy in even the littlest things like a phone screen?! I appreciate the opportunity to provide something that will grace the face of likely one of your most-used tools that you access multiple times daily. I hope you will continue to make this blog your go-to source for fun FREEBIES like screensavers, printables, and celebration inspiration on the regular!

I am so excited that we can offer funtastic freebies like this to our favorite peeps!! If you feel the same and want us to keep ’em coming, please do us a solid and share the link to these goodness with your friends and fam!!

Keeping in the spirit of the holiday, we express that we are “For The People” 😉 so we want to be sure we give our followers what they want! We measure what that is based on several areas, including website hits and visits! So allow me to channel my inner Beyonce when I say… “If you like it then be sure you put a click on it!” If you’ve been around this blog for a while, then you’ve watched it evolve – keeping some things consistent while adding a lot of new content and traditions, and I want to take a moment to thank you! Perhaps unbeknownst to you, your input has been and continues to be a major contributing factor to everything you see here! Thank you so much, and keep it coming!

If what you find under FREEBIES has started an obsession with tags and printables, you would loooove the goldmine of resources provided in every issue of our monthly digital magazine Celebrate with Sprinkles!
(See just a sample of the goodies given in the July issue below!)

Printables for July 2021