Halfway Homemade July 4th Treats

Ya’ll know my favorite kind of cookin’ is the quick and easy version that LOOKS like I spent hours slaving away in the kitchen! I have rounded up a couple of uncomplicated, budget-friendly concoctions that include some store-bought items combined with a few simple ingredients – this is what I call Halfway Homemade! If you aren’t familiar, allow me to introduce you! 🙂

For these stars & stripes themed treats, begin by unwrapping purchased Rice Crispy Treats. Use cute paper straws and dip them into red and blue candy melts. Drizzle red treats with white chocolate and dazzle blue treats with star-shaped sprinkles!

Pick up a plain angel food cake, a package of strawberries and blueberries, and a tub of whipped cream from your local grocery. Break the cake into fluffy tufts and layer the cake, fruit, and cream into mason jars for a set of explosively delicious individual desserts! Serve on ice in a cute tray or bucket to keep chilled.

These ice cream sandwiches get a bold new star-spangled look when the ice cream layer is adorned with starry sprinkles! This is a great example of just how simple it can be to literally spend about 5 extra minutes to take something really plain and make it special to communicate your love and care for those who will be enjoying this treat!

I am obsessed with this little tray – everything I put on it looks AMAZING!!
For a similar look, snag a bright red tray and line with contrasting blue or patriotic decorative napkins or even a placemat! Easy Peasy!
Remember that a celebration doesn’t have to require hours in the kitchen and a bank-busting event, it can be Halfway Homemade!

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