July 4th Mantlescape

Hey friends! How are ya?

If you are in the mood for red, white and blue, I have a treat for you!

I was about to redo my decor for the holiday and thought I would share my process with you if you are in the market for some inspiration.  I’m going to decorate my fireplace mantle with a combination of items that I’ve kept in storage from year to year, but I like to mix it up a bit so I don’t get bored!

I LOVE using lots of these little flags anywhere I can! I’ve got them on the front porch, in a vase in the dining room, and naturally, let’s add some more here as a part of my fireplace mantlescape!

I like the way this flag board piece reflects the color scheme, but contrasts the rounded shape of the pot the flags are situated inside. I’m using a lot of repetition with the colors, so I’ve got to offer some variety in shapes and textures to keep things interesting!

What is it about these little lanterns that have stolen my heart? Depending on where you snag yours, it might even come with a little LED candle inside, what a beautiful bonus!

Speaking of contrasts, you can see I planted a puffy patriotic pillow just behind this sweet shiny boxy lantern. Strategic yet so simple!

These paper banners are the one new item I bought that I am adding, all the other decorations I am using from storage. I don’t usually keep the paper banners (I think it would just be hard to get them to keep their shape and looking good?!) I just toss them when I’m finished with them for that season. To hang, I generally use painter’s tape which has always worked really well for me with no damage or anything.

And here you can see how my curly-headed Yankee Doodle dog really adds a level of spectacular to the scene! This handsome Howard is a one-of-a-kind and we adore him!

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