July 4th Centerpiece

Why spend a ton of time creating the PERFECT centerpiece if you can’t ENJOY it?! That is one thing I LOVE about this festive July 4th centerpiece – it’s EDIBLE! You guys know I love seasonal decorating and porchscaping etc, but if we are all honest, our least favorite part is probably having to pack it all back up and store it til the next year (can I get an amen?!) That is not an issue here! Even if you are headed to a cookout or backyard bash, skip the expensive fruit tray from the grocery and
kabob it – DIY style!

Have you noticed this trend popping up on Instagram, Pinterest, etc? People are starting to create all kinds of centerpieces from foods – not just with watermelon! I’ve seen pineapples with painted leaves, carved cantaloups, coconuts filled with fruit – so many interesting ideas!
Another reason I love these skewers is because the whole family can gather in the kitchen to pitch in with putting them together. In today’s day and age where we are all so busy and going every which direction, it is so nice to slow our roll and come together in the heart of our home to create something delicious together!

Planning to get the gang together? Looking forward to a neighborhood block party before the fireworks display? Do you see a night on the calendar with no meetings, guitar lessons, or baseball practices?! Check out these other backyard bash ideas!

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The HAPPIEST July 4th centerpiece or fruit display ever!!!! Kn…The HAPPIEST July 4th centerpiece or fruit display ever!!!! Know someone who would love it?

Posted by Brittany Young on Sunday, June 4, 2017