Intentionally Celebrate in Their Space

We all love enjoying the holiday season with our families! A lot of the activities we traditionally take on require us to be out and about. We adore going to festive concert events or plays! We always pack into the car with friends and take a drive to see all the beautiful lights and outdoor decorations around town. 

These activities are special time spent with our little loved ones, but we also like to be intentional about celebrating sweet small things in their space! In Brady’s room, I have placed a couple of inexpensive plaid pillows that flow with his normal decor but provide a warm festive feel. I also snagged this sweet sign on sale from Smallwood Designs; it features one of my favorite quotes from a Christmas movie we all love – “Elf”! 

A felt Christmas tree really adds to the holiday atmosphere and Brady thinks it’s really cool that he has his own tree in his room. I love that it’s felt and therefore won’t shed little green pieces and ornaments won’t shatter into a million pieces if he knocks into it or anything. That’s a win-win for everybody! 

During this season we break out the holiday books so that our nightly story-time keeps with the festive theme. 

Brady likes to keep up with the countdown to Christmas so we have created a little calendar of pocket envelopes that are not only a cute decor idea, but as he counts down each envelope holds a little treat for him to enjoy! (It’s just left-over Halloween candy but he doesn’t need to know that – Sssshhhhh! Our little secret!) We simply embellished each pocket, placed the candy inside, and hung the envelopes with painters tape so that they can be easily applied, moved around, and removed. 

These are just a few ways that we intentionally bring the celebration into our kiddo’s everyday space!

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