Intentional Gift Giving

Ya’ll I get so tickled sometimes at how we all have our own unique perspectives and ways we understand and interpret each other! But isn’t that part of what makes life beautiful?! We’ve been chatting it up amongst our team, our Sprinkles Sisters, our friends, our families about this whole idea of being intentional about how we celebrate and show care for our loved ones. It’s soooo interesting to see and hear just what that means to different folks and how they are putting this into action in their lives and in their homes!

One of my friends (she’s a keep it simple kinda sister) encouraged us not to make it more complicated than it needed to be! She said, for example, if your family rarely has time to sit down and enjoy breakfast together, then you can intentionally take that challenge and either create a quick and easy breakfast they could squeeze in (hellooooo donuts!), or purposefully plan a fun breakfast (cinnamon roll santa! donut tree tower!) on the weekend that you know they would enjoy!
Cue the TastyKakes!

Even if the gift idea you’re searching for isn’t for YOUR family, you can still be intentional about it without going overboard! If your best gal pal has been chatting you up about wanting to plan a Christmas Movie Night with her family, you can simply support her by gifting the movie on DVD or supplying the sweet snack cakes or cookies for them to enjoy during the show!

Personally, you know my Brady Bug and I LOVE games. Indoor games, outdoor games, board games, you name it! They bring us together and we have so much fun being with one another and creating these moments and memories. While I know not every family is the same, if I could gift that joy to a friend and her fam I would do it in a HEARTBEAT. So I try to be intentional about that by gifting the games, maybe some cute score card print outs, and snacks for them to enjoy while they play!

Let me go ahead and tell you, too, that there is not a doggone thing wrong with a good ole homemade game! We always get a kick out of a laughable round or two of customizable classics like “Would You Rather?”. Come up with a creative combo on the gift tag for each present, then wrap your gifts with the tag and a simple bow and they’re ready to go!

We absolutely adore preparing lots of celebration inspiration for you every month in our digital magazine – Celebrate with Sprinkles!
Check it out – it might be just the intentional gift you’re looking for!