Homework & Home Office Space

*Puts on my smarty pants glasses* Uh hem, soooooo studies show that creating a comfortable, welcoming work space helps children learn at home. I would venture to guess this goes for adults as well, so today we are setting up a simple (yet essential!) homework and home office space! You don’t have to go into debt for a bid desk and office chair. Small simple items can set the stage and cue the comfort to sink into the zone! For example, organizing items into bins and baskets like this one from Mud Pie makes materials easily accessible. Anybody else just love when everything has its place?! I am a firm believer that you can never have too many baskets. Choose colors that are neutral and they can be placed anywhere in the home. I chose this one because it’s big enough to hold a ton of books, folders, extra paper, snacks, whatever!

Brittany with back to school items.

Mud Pie rocketship backpack.

While clicking around on the Mud Pie site I came upon this adorably fun-sized Rocketship backpack! Now, realistically I know it’s probably too small for Brady to carry as his daily backpack, but I thought he could use it to store some of his specific supplies! Like maybe he’ll keep his favorite books in there, or his most-loved art supplies. I see the bitty backpack like one of my baskets – another fun organization tool!

There really is a smorgasbord of multi-tasking items that could totally work an at-home work space on the Mud Pie website. This comfy cozy designated reading blanket also made its way into my cart. (Yours can be whatever you want it to be, math blanket, science throw, or just a cozy spot to do some work!) A versatile coffee mug from which to chug your brain fuel is also always an essential item 🙂 

Living Room chair with comfy blanket and home office items.
Mud Pie trinket tray and home organization items.

This terrific little trinket dish with its charming mantra “Classroom Sweet Classroom” would be a perfect catch plate for homework station or a great gift to send to school! If you forget your wifi password as much as we do, you will love this adorable yet function-serving “Home is where the wifi connects automatically” plaque you can refer to when digging your heels into homework or working from home. There’s something about storing items in glass… I love being able to see what’s inside! So of course this see-through rustic utensil basket set of three glass jars was invited to join my at home work space as well. 

I could go on, and on, and ON, ya’ll! You just have to get on there and click around for yourself. Every family has their own style and needs, but I really feel like there is something for everyone at mud-pie.com!