Hello Fresh Review

If you aren’t familiar with the wholesome tasty menu of healthy meals offered by Hello Fresh, then please allow me to introduce you!! The weekly meals are made up of chef curated recipes including seasonal farm fresh ingredients delivered every week to your doorstep!!
Healthy AND Convenient = Winning Combination!

I was VERY pleased with the packaging!
Our food was very well-packed. Hello Fresh gets a gold star from this family foods enthusiast for separating the protein from the produce! (I was initially concerned about this when I first ordered, but my concerns were silenced upon opening!)

Each meal’s ingredients come packaged separately. This makes for simple, easy prepping! 

Who doesn’t love the feeling of providing their family healthy fresh foods?! If you’re like me though, I’m not always confident without a tried-and-true recipe to go by. The chef-curated recipes and step by step guidance included with the meals are an absolute TREASURE. Thank you Hello Fresh for realizing not everyone is a natural in the kitchen!

BONUS: Brady and Brad loved all the meals!
We all know “healthy” doesn’t always equal “yummy”, but Hello Fresh passed the test!
Not to mention, Brad (who can’t tell you when a frozen pizza is done) even prepared one of the meals. Sure, he left the kitchen super messy, BUT the mess was WELL WORTH the meal!! Haha! 

It is really beneficial that the meal delivery is on a week-by-week basis. This means you can postpone or cancel anytime, like if you’re taking a trip, wanting to try some new recipes on your own, or simply too busy. 

Finally, let’s just admit it. It is SOOOO much easier to visit their website and choose 3 of the 5 meals than to plan all your meals, write up a list, and fight the masses at the grocery.

Hello Fresh gets the Certified THUMBS UP!

Interested in putting Hello Fresh up to your family test?!
Check out their menu options on their website.

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