Halloween to Fall Wreath Transformation

Being crafty obviously has a TRILLION advantages, I mean right?!
Otherwise, we’d all take up a more rewarding hobby, agreed?!
But if we’re honest we have to admit that it does come with some challenges..
Like where exactly to STORE all of our adorably crafty things!!
Solution: Seasonal Transformation!!

Step 1: Gather up your Halloween wreath, roll of wax paper, and a can of your favorite metallic spray paint.

Step 2: Lift the flowers etc and cover your wreath form/vine with the wax paper to protect it.

Step 3: It doesn’t have to be perfect! Begin to spray when you’re ready! Tip: Spray in small spurts, not long streaks/strokes.

Halloween Before…

Fall After!!

And instead of storing TWO wreaths, we simply upcycled and kept ONE!
Can you say WINNING!?!
(And all the husbies said “Amen!” because that’s one less wreath for them to carry to the attic!)