Grateful for You Giftie

Let’s take the opportunity this season to express how grateful we are to have good people in our lives! This month we’ve put together a delightful DIY project that doubles as an awesome giftie to share. Start with a simple wooden crate from Wal-Mart or your neighborhood craft store. (Leave the color natural or paint it if you’re channeling your inner Picasso! We painted ours a nice neutral gray so it can be featured in any season with any decor.) 

Grateful for you giftie tag with mum crate.

While at Wal-mart, toss 4 small caster wheels in your cart. Head to the lawn and garden area and pick out the prettiest mum you see. (Note – Be sure it will fit in your crate!) Now it’s time to get down to business. You can roll up your sleeves, but pass on the power tools because we are gonna do this easy peasy lemon squeezy style. Bust out your trusty hot glue gun and attach the casters to the bottom of the crate. Place your hand-selected blooming beauty inside. 

Now for the BEST part! Deliver to some deserving diva or nifty neighbor who needs to know how thankful you are for the radiant role they play in your life! We love a gift that keeps on giving – once the season has passed and the mum has played its part, a new plant can be placed in the crate which can be kept outside or rolled in to be part of the indoor decor!

Gift crate on casters with fall mum.

Another great gift option would be a sassy subscription to our monthly digital magazine Celebrate with Sprinkles!

November Mag Cover