Good Cheer Gear on the Go

Now ladies, even Santa knows he needs a reliable bag to transport all of his holiday goodies. If Father Christmas himself can’t make it through his one busy night without his bag (I mean, the man is a saint after all), I can readily recognize I shouldn’t even try to slide through the season without a handy bag of my own. I am a hot mess express on the regular, you don’t want to see me ride the struggle bus during the holidays without somewhere to stash all my good cheer gear!

Headed to a Cookie Swap Soiree or a Gingerbread Group Gathering? Pack up everything for the party in your beaut of a bag from Barrington Gifts! The best part – you can pitch it all in and still look completely put together. I love the custom colors and details in the design. Seriously – snag one for yourself this season, or contemplate giving one as a considerate custom gift!