Golden Snowflake

How totally ADORABLE is this golden snowflake door decor?!
I was shopping over Christmas break and saw several of these at a gift shop and I just simply COULD NOT take my eyes off them!! It’s like I was enchanted into winter wonderland trying to figure out how I could DIY them. The closer I looked, I realized they were made out of POPSICLE STICKS!! Instant HOORAY! (I love discovering projects that don’t require spending $87 in craft supplies to make something I could’ve bought for $9! Haha!)

Gather up your supplies! You’ll need popsicle sticks, hot glue gun & sticks, and a ribbon or bow to finish it off.

Start by creating 3 long strips gluing together 6 popsicle sticks for each strip. (Use less popsicle sticks to create a smaller snowflake.)

Criss cross 2 of your strips to create an “X” and glue in place.
(*Hindsight is always 20/20, read on before gluing to see what I would do differently next time!)

Lay your third strip down in the center and glue in place.
(You can see at this point I’ve made this one a little too wide, you want the space between each strip to look pretty equal. So in hindsight, I might suggest laying all three of them out to create a basic star look, THEN glue them in place.) But you know what, all snowflakes are different and original so there’s really not a WRONG way to do it, right?! 😉

Starting at the center of your snowflake, go 2/3 of the way up one of the strips, take one popsicle stick and start a little “branch” out to the side angled upward. Lay another little “branch” the same way on the opposite side, so that they are mirrored.

Continue making these mirrored branches on the end of each strip all the way around!

Starting at your center, go 1/3 of the way up the strip and start another little “branch” angled away from the center of your snowflake. (Hint: your about to continue this all the way around, so go ahead and lay your next one down to make sure they meet in the middle before you glue in place.)

Move over to your next strip. Again, starting at your center, go 1/3 of the way up the strip and start another little “branch” angled away from the center of your snowflake, and toward your other inner “branch” so that they overlap slightly where they meet so that you can glue them.

Continue this all the way around your snowflake until you have created almost like a little star shape in the center of your snowflake! So cute!

At this point you may wish to do a number of finishing touches on your snowflake! I spray painted mine gold! You might prefer white, or silver, or even GLITTER! If you happen to notice any little imperfections in your snowflake (I felt like that space was just too much on mine there at the top) it’s okay! All snowflakes are unique and different! Hang up that whimsical winter wonder with some twine and a cute bow and listen as the compliments come rolling in!

#Live ❄️ golden snowflake ❄️ join me????!

Posted by Brittany Young on Tuesday, January 3, 2017