Glitzy Glam Gift Tag

Ladies, we’ve got a new secret weapon that will give your gift tags a glitzy glam makeover! I’ve been in and around the craft game for a while girls, you might even recall I ran my own DIY door hangers biz for a bit back in the day. I’ve mod podged confetti to chairs, covered boots in faux moss, and a little bit of everything in between! Sooooo it’s a pretty big deal when a craft supply steals my attention. 

Surebonder glue gun with glittery glue sticks along with other craft supplies.
Surebonder glue gun with glittery glue sticks along with other craft supplies.

This sister has sworn by Surebonder ever since they sent me a glue gun that didn’t burn my fingers. Talk about heaven sent! The brand has really impressed me with their quality line of items, and I love reaching for a product I can depend on when I’m in my creative zone! Can you imagine the look on my face when I laid eyes on Surebonder’s hot glue sticks with GLITTER?! Yes, girls, you heard it right! Consider all the glitzy possibilities! 

Here’s one we are partial to because it brings something special to our tags and printables. Check the craft aisle (or your closet craft stash) for silicone mold trays. We totally fell for these fall leaf shapes. Choose from Surebonder’s wide selection of glitter glue sticks, load it into your glue gun and squeeze the glue into the mold. 

Brittany popping glittery glue embellishment out of craft mold.
Small glittery green leaf embellishment added to gift tag.

Then simply flip it over and pop it out once it cools to create a lovely little leaf embellishment you could easily add to one of your tags! After all, sparkles and sprinkles are basically soul sisters – so work that glitter girls!