From This to That: Wooden Letters

PLEASE tell me I am not the ONLY one that does this:
Sees item at craft store, immediately has spectacularly BRILLIANT idea for item, purchases item…
Finds item 2 years later buried under 2 feet of other similarly purchased craft goods.
Oops. By now I don’t have even an inkling of a clue what my spectacularly brilliant idea was :/


Get your grape juice gals together and collect those corks!
For this project, I actually cut the corks in half, for two reasons:
1. So the cork part of the decor didn’t stick out so far from the wooden base. That just seems like an invitation to be broken off.
2. I would only need half as many corks as I would if I used them in full size!

Aleene’s tacky glue is what I used to adhere these to the wooden letter, although I don’t see a reason why hot glue or other adhesives wouldn’t work, that’s just what I had on hand. You know I am an avid supporter of utilizing what you have available!