From This to That: Simple Square

Loooove giving handmade gifts but need some fresh material?
Looking for a new craft to create while connecting with your teen?
Have a sweet friend that could use a little pick-me-up?

This DIY is so versatile it’s like a one-craft-fits-all!

With just a few simple supplies (these were all found on sale at Michael’s)
you can create a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece of artistic decor!
6″x6″ stretched canvas
piece of scrapbook paper
small wooden embellishments
adhesive (Mod Podge/Tacky Glue)

I chose a bright upbeat color scheme for my piece! (No surprise there – use what YOU like!)
I painted my 6″x6″ stretched canvas. While it dried, I picked out a couple contrasting colors and playfully painted my small wooden frame. I set that to the side and painted my quote piece. (I took that yellow color and dry brushed a little on the edges of my canvas. I liked how that looked, so when my quote dried I did the same effect on that piece.) I cut my scrapbook paper to be a little smaller than my canvas and rounded the edges a bit.  Finally like a big ole sandwich I just glued all my layers together and the finished product was DeLiCiOuS!