Frill Seekers Gifts

There are few things more satisfying than knocking out your
Christmas list early!
(Yes, it’s barely October. I did just say the word “Christmas”, if you caught my previous blog post, you know time has a habit of getting away from me, such that I need a calendar to keep up with my decor dates!)
If you are actively committed to NOT being the frantic lady in a bad mood this December, pushing people with her cart and constantly complaining about long lines or customer service or lack of open registers, then take this vow with me, this Anti-Procrastination Proclamation!

Not sure where to start?
Allow me to recommend
Frill Seekers Gifts!

There is so much to <3 about this shop! With an abundance of Personalized Fabulous Finds, you are sure to find something fantastic for everyone on your list (and maybe even a thing or two for yourself! 😉 ) I am head over heels for this monogrammed satin ribbon! Feast your eyes on some of these Frills in my video below!

Brittany Young Live from Frill Seekers Gifts…personalized fabulous finds!

Posted by Brittany Young on Friday, September 29, 2017