Floppy Hat DIY

Floppy Hats are BACK!!
Soooo all my Floppy Hat Sisters UNITE!!
I have been a proud supporter of Floppy Hats since my honeymoon, and I have since learned that it is one of those items that you can’t have just ONE. Anyone else find something you really really love and you simply MUST own it in all of its variations and colors?! Even better – let’s CUSTOMIZE our own floppy hats! Follow the tutorial to find out how!

Target has a large selection, and I’m told Wal-Mart is carrying some pretty cute ones this season! So pick out your favorite style or the one that looks best on you and customize it with dots or pineapples using paint pens and patio paint (water-resistant: think POOLSIDE!) Find the full video tutorial below!

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Posted by Brittany Young on Friday, May 19, 2017