Flameless Fireworks

Spark up your crafternoon with these aDOORable DIY {flameless} F I R E W O R K S! Now even your tiniest tyke can safely join in the patriotic celebration! These cutesy paper sparklers can also add some patriotic spunk to any centerpiece or arrangement!

Step 1: Gather your materials.

Step 2: Fold your tissue paper hotdog/taco style. (Shall we take this to a vote?! Which do you remember?!) Layer your colors if you are going for a multi-color sparkler.

Step 3: Lay the folded side of the tissue paper AWAY from you. Cut strips about an inch apart, leaving about an inch from the top. (So it looks like a luau skirt, right?!)

Step 4: Take out your dowel rod and your double sided tape. Wrap a piece of tape around the top of the dowel rod and attach it to the beginning of the tissue paper.

Step 5: About every other inch or so, lay a piece of double-sided tape along the top area that you left uncut.

Step 6: Tightly roll the tissue paper around the dowel rod. Use a last piece of tape to secure the tissue paper at the end.

Step 7: Spread your tissue papers out a little if they are sticking together and TA DA! You’ve got yourself a dandy little sparkler!

These spectacular sparklers are workin’ TRIPLE time! Fun, Funky, & F E S T I V E !!

Need additional step-by-step instructions? Check out my Facebook Live Tutorial Video!

Cheers from your certified celebrator – Brittany Young