Favorite Thing in My Craft Room

You all know I am craft CrAzY, I adore all things DIY, I have confettied my shoes for crying out loud. I have spray painted Oreos! I don’t know what else I could possibly do to prove the extreme project-loving level I am living on, LOL! That being said, for me to name one piece as my FAVORITE item in my craft room really speaks volumes… So I am here to confess my love for

The Fun Stampers Journey Platinum Machine

This machine is a mighty multi-tasking marvel!

You know I am a gift-giver, so I put this to about a mazillion different uses. I can cut cute shaped cards, gift tags, little display cards, notes and labels, you name it!
It comes with easy, clear directions on how to use all the different parts. It cuts and embosses, it’s durable, and it folds up for easy storage! There are also sooo many handy, versatile accessories available at FSJ to accompany it, I know you will find something to love!!

I threw in a few pics of some samples of my favorite projects to just show the variety of things you can do with this machine! This is also a really great time to snag one of these because you’ve got all these holiday opportunities just right around the corner to put this little beauty to work! I’m thinking “cute not creepy” (anyone watching last year knows this is my forever Halloween theme) decor for Halloween, maybe some Thankful for You cards during Thanksgiving, Christmas gift tags – you name it! If you’ve got a birthday or anniversary coming up and need an easy way to give your hubs the hint that this is what you want, just copy paste this link and send it to him! The Platinum machine will be the perfect addition to your craft room! This thing literally parties through life with me – I use it to make cupcake liners, party banners and favors, I can help Brady’s teachers with bulletin boards and fill kind of the classroom mom role – I use this thing in all seasons and aspects of my life!

Oooooh! I almost forgot THE BEST part! If you are NOT tech savvy (like myself), prepare to rejoice. The Platinum machine requires NO TECHNOLOGY. That’s right! You don’t need your laptop or tablet. There are no cords strung out to trip you all over your floor. You simply hank crank your items through. Easy Peasy! AND it’s portable, so you can totally tote this baby to a friend’s house for craft night!

Do any of you already have the Platinum Machine?!
What are your favorite things about it?!