Faux Birthday Candles

The number one topic brought up in messages that we receive is BIRTHDAY IDEAS. We get hundreds of messages every single day, and I apologize that we can’t address every question we get because of the number of inquiries we receive. HOWEVER, we do like to take the most popular topics and answer them or turn them into blog posts or Facebook Live videos..
Sooooooo for everyone who has asked about unique birthday party favors or ideas, this one is for YOU and it will work for EVERY party and celebration!

We are gonna make some faux birthday candles using all those toilet paper rolls several of you know (though you may not admit) you been holding on to, just waiting for the perfect craft to use them! This is IT! So gather up your supplies and let’s get this party started!

Lay a line of hot glue down both sides of one toilet paper roll. (I know this sounds crazy just bear with me!)

Line up the edge of your scrapbook paper with the edge of your toilet paper roll and attach it with the line of hot glue you just put down.

Wrap the toilet paper roll tightly with the scrapbook paper, keeping all the edges straight and neat. Place a line of hot glue on the edge of the scrapbook paper that you just attached as we come full circle with the paper. (Nice and tight! No air bubbles!)

Once your paper is attached and has completely covered the cardboard roll, cut the extra paper off from down the side.

Find the end/outer edge of the scrapbook paper. Leaving just a little extra (maybe 1/2-3/4 of an inch or so) hanging on, now cut off the end of the scrapbook paper.

Just put about 3 little dots of hot glue inside the toilet paper roll on the end where you just left a little on the outer edge.

Then fold the scrapbook paper edge down into the roll and securely attach with the glue dots. (This doesn’t have to be perfect, this will be the side that your FLAME will come from!)

Fold your flame tissue paper in half – hotdog style!

On the non-folded edge of the tissue paper, begin cutting strips about 1/2 inch or so apart without cutting all the way through the length of the paper – leave a little space (maybe about an inch or two) connected at the bottom.

Alright! It’s like part of a hula skirt! Ow ow!!

From one end, just start rolling! It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do want to keep it fairly straight so that your strands are in a row.

Holding on to the end, shake it out a little bit to fan out your strands. Then the end that you were holding you are just going to pinch and put right down into the open end of the toilet paper roll.

Are these not ADORBS you guys?!
I love how flexible the tissue paper is! It bends and lays whichever way you want it to and just looks awesomely funky!!

You can make these in a variety of sizes and even use a few of them together to make a completely cute center piece!

(Juuuust throwing this out there.. these are also PERFECT for places that you can’t have candles/fire inside… HELLO school parties! 🙂 )

#live DIY for any Birthday Party!!!

Posted by Brittany Young on Sunday, March 19, 2017