Fall Harvest Centerpiece

Okay so here’s the dish!
(pun-intended haha!)
Confession: I have been obsessing over these wooden dough bowls I have been seeing all over Pinterest. I know many people (such as myself) love them but are stumped on how to decorate with them! Like The Little Mermaid, I have a stash of these really cool items but honestly have no clue what to really use them for – but they are lovely and I adore them! My own collection of dinglehoppers!
After some experimentation, I have come up with a couple of ideas that you can copy or tweak!
(Hey, you have to comb your hair with a few forks before you figure things out, right?!)

Since it’s fall I have been going crazy with winter squash! I love it and I want to use it in EVERYTHING!!

If you want a tray like this for yourself, you can get it here!
And we will be dough bowl twinning! =)
Or this would make a GREAT gift idea!