Easy Peasy Fancy Cookies

You know when sprinkles are part of the equation that something adorably delicious is cookin’!
These tasty treats may look and taste like they came from that fancy corner bakery,
but they are easy peasy enough for even YOUR kitchen!

Laura suggests using your tried and trusted recipe or even finding a recipe online for roll-out sugar cookie dough, preferably one with very little or no baking powder. The icing is just a regular glaze icing composed of about one cup of (sifted) powdered sugar, 4 teaspoons of water, food coloring, mix, then add a few drops of water to get the consistency you want. (If you add any flavoring, avoid flavors with oil. Oil and icing do not get along :/ )
Check out the tutorial at the bottom of this post for step-by-step visual directions to “flood” your cookies!

Laura is the cookie QUEEN and she makes the most adorable cookies!
Check her out on Instagram at hayhay_cookies!
She is truly INSPIRING!

I am IN LOVE with these heavenly HOMEMADE heart cookies!
I really can’t believe how simple these were to make!
$ AND we didn’t need any big expensive products or ingredients $
The cookie surface and thickness was perfect, the icing consistency came out smooth and colorful, and you know the sprinkles were the grand finale!
I can’t wait to see what cookie shapes and designs you create!