Easter DIY Decor

I’m sooo egg-cited to share this completely adorable DIY Easter craft with you! There are tons of designs that you can create (just like decorating real eggs!). I introduce a couple options in this post, but go with what speaks to your soul
(or matches your existing décor 😉 )!

You can definitely “hop around” with your colors and methods,
but here is the basic order of operations I followed:
Base coat, Embellish, Finalize!

Gather up your supplies! You’ll need:
paint, wood slices, mod podge, glitter, stickers, and brushes.
(Let me tell you a little secret – use what you’ve got! There’s no need to go buy all new supplies every time you start a project! For this craft, I used supplies left over from other projects and only purchased the wood slices –
which are available in most craft stores and you might even score one in the craft section at Target! Convenience for the win!)

Decide on your design!

Whichever accent or style you choose, lay a base coat first.
(If you select the striped look, I recommend using painters tape if you have it to get a nice clean set of lines. With your brush, start on top of the tape and paint DOWNWARDS. I reallyyyy think this helps prevent the paint from sneaking up under the tape.)

Embellish Embellish Embellish!
Whether you add dots with your sponge brush, finish off your stripe design, or GLITTERIZE your piece – this is where you step it up
from blah to TA-DA!!
Make it happen!

Once EVERYTHING is dry, finish off your piece with stickers, ribbon, mod podge, whatever final touches
complete your craft!

Ready to hop on board with this project?
Pick up these amazingly versatile wood slices at
your local craft store or visit