Door Decor Transition

Anybody else noticing the ever-increasing number of “naked” front doors and porchscapes lately? With Christmas off the to-do list and Valentine’s Day still over a month away, we are in kind of a transitional period when it comes to our decor! Don’t let this time between holidays affect your decorative reputation in your neighborhood 🙂

There is hope! All you need to do is gather up those winter hats you don’t wear anymore and sort through that pile of scarves in your closet. Get the family together to mix and match to create the snowman you like. The kids will love it! You can theme your wreath for this transitional period, keep it traditional and just call it “winter”, or you can always dress your snowman for Valentine’s Day as it gets closer to the holiday!

If you want to go all out, you could even fashion a top hat out of black foam paper and a carrot out of orange! If you have a large front door, you could also attach a 3rd grapevine to make a taller snowman. What other snowman wreath ideas can you come up with? I LOVE it when you guys show out with how creative you are!

Speaking of Snowmen..

Here is a new Certified Celebrator screensaver for your phone! Enjoy!

The only items your family may need to purchase to create this door decor would be the grapevine wreaths, everything else you probably already have lying around! This is a quick and dirty 5 minute project that will keep your door from looking “under-dressed” this winter! 😉