Donut Worry Gift Basket

Stressful times come in all shapes, sizes, and seasons for different folks. For some, the holidays can be more horrendous than happy, for others back to school season may pose more challenges, while others’ tension may be more related to deadlines or pressure from work.
Right now, this momma might be just a smidge nervous about her little starting Pre-K, and if I’M a lil on edge I’m sure the kid who’s actually GOING might be having some similar feelings! If we’re a bit strained, I can envision the teacher is probably a version of excitedly nervous about having a new group of students.. Anyone seeing a pattern here?!
Now, knowing I love love love surprise small offerings of happiness – you can probably see where this is going..
I feel some GIFT GIVING coming on!!!

Just like everyone experiences stress in different times and situations, people can also gain a little (even if temporary!) relief from stress in a variety of ways! Yes, I am a fan of eucalyptus oils and bath bombs and massages, etc etc etc. But, I can’t pretend I’m not also comforted by something sugary sweet! (And sometimes, I am more comforted by the fact someone was so considerate and thoughtful to drop me a lil giftie than I am the gift itself!)

One thing I adore about a lot of sugary sweet gifts is that they can also often be Sassy and Simple! For example, donuts are the perfect quick and easy treat for this gift, complete with a sassy saying that fits the occasion – “Donut Worry!”

Know someone that needs this gift like.. yesterday?
Put this together in a snap with these versatile scalloped baskets by Fun Stampers Journey!
(Like the donuts, these baskets are also a budget friendly find at only $5.95 for a pack of 10!)