DIY this NYE!

Roll into 2020 in DIY diva style this NYE!
Living Room Dance Party, anyone?!

Gather up the goods!

Sparkly Cardstock
Plain Plastic Headbands
Black Feather Boa
NYE Embellishments
Aleene’s The Ultimate multi-surface adhesive

First cut a large circle out of the sparkly cardstock paper. (You can totally flip a large bowl upside down and trace it if you don’t trust your circle drawing skills!)

Gently (you may not want super hard creases) fold the circle in half, both ways, then cut one quarter from the circle.

Pick up your piece and pull the cut edges together, creating a cone.

Use your Aleene’s The Ultimate multi-surface adhesive to attach those overlapping edges. I love this all-purpose, powerhouse glue! I have found it strong enough to use on the toughest of surfaces but safe enough to use with my paper and mixed media projects like these decorated DIY holiday headwear.

It’s not a party hat without a pom! Adhere your party pom to the tip top of your hat.

Snatch up your snazzy NYE feather boa and use The Ultimate adhesive to attach it to the rim of your party hat for feathery flair!

Add any NYE embellishments from your local craft shop that strike your fancy!

Invite your gal pals over for a make-and-take and see how creative and unique your pieces can be! While you craft, you could even consider your New Years resolutions and vow to hold each other accountable for reaching your goals in 2020!