DIY Fake Snowballs

Christmas may be over, but we all know winter is just settling in!
We may be putting away our Christmas trees and Santa Clauses til next year, but hold off on packing up those snowflakes, snowmen, and snowballs! The holiday may have passed, but the season is just getting started! Therefore, I declare all things SNOW are still decor appropriate!

Check out this tutorial to create your own (fake) snowballs!

Once you have gathered your materials, (styrofoam balls, brush, mod podge, krylon texture spray, white glitter) spray your styrofoam balls with the texture spray. Allow time to dry, then begin brushing on your mod podge in sections.

Sprinkle your white glitter onto your mod podged area. Allow that section to dry and repeat to go around your ball (or at least the section you plan for people to see!)

I am using this kind of deep galvanized bucket, so I am filling the bottom of it with plastic bags to give the snowballs a little cushion underneath!

On top of the plastic bags, I did a layer of pine needles and pine cones from my yard! (Who doesn’t love FREE decor?!)  This gives the snow balls a decorative bed to lay on and separates everything from the bag fluff layer.

Sooo cute! I love the kind of classic yet fun feel of this set up – like a snowball attack could break out at any moment! What better way to celebrate winter than a snowball fight?!

Here is a look at how I’ve currently got the bucket set up on my porch.
Maybe it’s just me, but it feels a little incomplete?! I would love to hear your ideas on what else I could do to finish off this look! Click the tutorial video below and leave me a suggestion in the comments! I would love to hear from you!

#Live DIY Snowballs!!! Join me????

Posted by Brittany Young on Monday, December 26, 2016