DIY Christmas Ornaments

Today, I am reminded how thankful and forever grateful I am
to get to do what I love for a living!
While I’m riding the honesty train, let me just put this confession out there…
I am OBSESSING over the plethora of techniques to DIY your Christmas!
This season, I am starting with these totally adorable homemade ornaments!

You know confetti makes my world go round, so I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I figured out how to work it into my holiday decor! 😛
Tip: Be sure the confetti you pick up will fit through the top of the ornaments you choose. If you find the ornaments that will open in half, fill the bottom half up first.

Securely replace the top on the ornament and fill as desired.

Add a little ribbon and maybe some small poms and TAA-DAA!! I feel a celebration coming on!!

For more of a painterly effect, choose desired hues in a cute ombre color scheme (medium to light values).

Since we are using a variety of color values why not throw in a variety of ornament sizes?

Use all 3 shades of your color on each ornament in short, distinct brushstrokes, leaving a little clear space in between.

Add a sweet little ribbon or tassle and VOILA!! Simple AND chic for the certified win!