DIY Accent Wall

I want so badly to be bold and try new things to update my home and decor, BUT I get scared thinking.. “BUT what if I don’t like it?! What if it doesn’t look as good as I thought?!” and sometimes those negative thoughts keep me from taking the leap. :/

Whoever came up with the idea for these wood planks had ME in mind, I swear! These accent planks from Lowe’s are REMOVABLE. Yeeesssssss!!! This deciding feature (and knowing I’d have a little help from my friends!) gave me the courage to take the dive head first into this DIY project. I am SOOO glad I did because I am head over heels for my new accent wall! Watch us take the plunge in the video below!

Brittany Young LIVE : DIY Accent Plank Wall!

Posted by Brittany Young on Sunday, June 25, 2017