Delicious Donut Tower

Come together over a tower of Tastykake delicious donuts!

This tasty tower came together in a snap! The base is a black glitter charger (a multi-tasker we picked up at Halloween!). From there we unpacked the donuts and stacked them. We snagged these gold star shapes in the scrapbooking section at the craft store (on clearance from Christmas – for the win!). They came with a sticky back, so we attached toothpicks so they could stick up out of the donuts. These gold candy pearls from the baking aisle were perfect to add a little sparkle to our tower. We sprinkled them on top and simply let them fall where they may!

Whether you’re greeting the kids with a special after school snack, hosting a slew of sledders on a snow day, or taking finger foods to your child’s scout meeting – this delicious donut tower will delight their tastebuds!