Cute Not Creepy Kids Crafts

Mummies! Gather up your lil goblins!
Looking for afternoon entertainment ideas to keep the boredom at bay?
This post is for you!

Would you believe this cutesy craft was made with straws?! You’ve probably already got some left over from another celebration, right? Sooo adorable and so simple! Staying with the #CuteNotCreepy theme of the season, these crafts won’t have your littles tugging on your bedspread after a bad dream 😉 Check them out in our featured video below!

BONUS!! My little Brady Bug stars in our DIY video guiding you step by step through a variety of #CuteNotCreepy Kids Crafts using items you probably already have at home, including plenty of paper plates! Check them out below!

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to take a step back and let our littles be creative when they’re crafting! It’s okay if their jack-o-lantern eyes or mouth aren’t the “normal” shapes or their lines aren’t cut exactly straight or pieces aren’t centered! I know it’s hard, especially for those of us who are a taaaaad OCD about certain things 😉 But it’s good for our kiddos to problem solve and make creative decisions on their own sometimes – those minds have to WORK in order to GROW! 🙂

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Always Cute not Creepy!!!

Posted by Brittany Young on Wednesday, October 11, 2017