From This to That: Crystal Light Remix

I am so thankful to live in a town that offers recycling!
Now, that being said, I need to admit that sometimes as I’m about to toss an item into the bin, a part of me screams “WAIT! There has to be
another use for this!!”
These little drink mix containers get me every time! I am super happy to recycle, don’t get me wrong, but the crafter in me just knew there had to be
another purpose for these
handy containers!

(Isn’t it neat how God does that sometimes? We think our work in a situation is done, or that our skill or talent is spent, then God just giggles because He has another meaning for us! God is a Maker/Crafter too and He is always recycling and upcycling us for our next purpose!)

With just a little washi tape, this drink mix container becomes a travel canister for pens/markers/pencils/etc! (Can I just interject that I looooove washi tape!! It just transforms ordinary everyday stuff into pretty, precious, playful possessions!)

Anyone else have 18 different pens just floating around in your purse because you throw another one in there each time you lose one? OR the backseat of your car looks like the art station at daycare? Perhaps your littles just need a funky fun place to store their markers. (Bonus – “You can take your markers with you, but ONLY as many as can fit in THIS container.” 🙂 )
Washi for the WIN!
What other creative uses can you think of? Share with me on Facebook!

The washi wonders don’t end there!
The holidays are quickly approaching, and I am ALWAYS in the market for some new creative gift ideas. In my excitement over repurposing the container, I realized “Hey! Why not washi tape a set of pens to match the container!” (You can really see the wheels turning at this point. The washi tape has pulled me into the zone!)

Now we’ve got a set of pens with matching container.
You can guess where my mind washi wanders to next…
Add a small notepad or sketchbook and what do you have?!

Tell me you’re squealing over how totally adorable the book turned out!!
Considering the bazillion choices of washi tape colors and designs out there, the combinations and possibilities are endless! You can take some boringly basic materials and create something totally custom and completely cute!!
(Tip: I used clear packing tape to act as kind of a seal on my stationary set to keep the washi tape from potentially unraveling!)