Cookie Party Checklist

Don’t you love it when your kiddos volunteer you for things? Like, “Sure my mom will host the cookie decorating party this year!!” Sidebar: you’ve never decorated a cookie in your life (the corner bakery does such a good job, you never saw the need!). And naturally your little mini me lets you know just a day or so in advance (long enough to have a merry meltdown and bounce back just in time to pull it off). Anyone else ever been there?! Fear not, mommas! Regardless if your party is something you planned or were volunteered for, whether you are hosting a Cub Scouts group, the neighborhood kiddos, or your family – you can still totally be the Hostess with the Mostess with the help of a Cookie Party Checklist! Here are some items to get you started. You may add things to your list or drop what you don’t need as you see fit!

Cookie Cutters 

Variety of Sprinkles 

Candy Canes or Crushed Peppermint Pieces

M&Ms (or Reese’s Pieces, or BOTH!)

Mini Marshmallows

Chocolate Drizzle


As far as cookie cutters, you could keep it simple and stick with one basic shape, or you could set up a variety! OR you can just slice from a roll of cookie dough and skip the cutters altogether! This is a great time of year to snag a variety of sprinkles in all kinds of shapes and colors. Mini candy canes or even crushed peppermint would bring a little color and flavor to the scene. M&Ms are always a popular choice, I have friends who also favor Reese’s Pieces, or go wild and have both! Mini Marshmallows are light and fluffy and would make cute eyes, or snow, or Santa’s beard! A little melted chocolate drizzle is always a fun option! You could even offer milk and white chocolate if you preferred! Of course we can’t forget the icing (I hear some people enjoy indulging in tubs of icing even without the cookies! #Guilty!) You can choose a variety of flavors, or stick with traditional white and maybe create a few hues with food coloring!

Now listen ladies, nowhere in the rule book does it say you HAVE TO bake these cookies from scratch. You already know I’m a solid supporter of all things Halfway Homemade, this is no exception! If you’re not a baker, short on time, oven on the fritz after a Thanksgiving marathon, WHATEVER – no worries! There is a Halfway Homemade method for you! I can’t count the number of times I’ve picked up ready-made Gingerbread cookies just to decorate! We also like the round sugar or butter cookies, they are delicious and decorating them is a breeze!

Brady’s Santa Party is going to include a make and take cookies session with Santa! Everyone will decorate two cookies – one to eat and enjoy, the other they will decorate and take home with them to set out for Santa! (Mom Mode Moment – One thing I love about this idea is that the kiddos make one to GIVE. Yes, I know it’s to Santa, but still! Sometimes those lessons about giving to others are hard to teach or understand when they are little. I like that this is so simple but presents them with an opportunity to enjoy giving!)