Coffee Bar Rescue

Sometimes you just have to admit when you need H E L P.
We all have our strengths, gifts, and talents. Equally so, each of us has things that we struggle with regardless of our best efforts.
Try as I may, try as I might, I knew my coffee bar was missing something, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it! I knew I had to call in the reinforcements!

Enter: Kelly Jo from Jo Design Company.

Kelly Jo is the Interior Designer that rescued my coffee bar!
It’s important to recognize when a job requires a professional.
(Unclog the drain? – DIY. Install new sink? – Call a pro.)
I was so blessed to have her come in and redesign my coffee bar space!
Compare my before and after pics – the proof is in the puddin’!

5 Coffee Bar Tips From Kelly Jo:

  • Placement – Consider the flow of your space with the coffee bar in it. Decide where it fits best: countertop space, a separate place in the kitchen, or maybe even in the dining room.
  • Coffee – Of course! Hot chocolate is also a fun addition for the kiddos or non-coffee drinkers.
  • Coffee Cups – Accessible/visible to keep with the flow of your space. Utilize the space that you have!
  • Warm/Inviting – Think about adding a pop of color or maybe some fresh flowers to add warmth.
  • Personal – Really it all boils down to making it your own and making it work in your everyday life!

#live with Jo Design Company with 5 coffee bar decorating tips!!!

Posted by Brittany Young on Saturday, February 4, 2017

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