Classroom Decor Inspiration

Hey Friends! I’m doing a little snippet for Brittany this summer as I prep my classroom for the upcoming school year! My name is Casey Bates, I work on Brittany’s Blog, and her Pinterest, and anything else she needs! (Currently working on getting Brad on a motorcycle! Vroooom!)

Anyways, I’m gonna go ahead and put out there that I went full Washi Tape Wild with these projects. The doorhanger was just a gateway project that led to me frantically looking around the classroom drooling as I grabbed random objects to clothe in my new obsession. Please do not set up an intervention, I’m just not ready to give it up yet!

I teach Art and I am in room number 24, so that’s where we got “Studio 24” as a name for my classroom! I snagged these cardboard paper-mache type numbers and arrow a while back, on clearance I’m sure, with no real plan for them. I dug them up in my craft room this summer and decided they would be part of a new door hanger for my classroom. Initially I thought I might paint them, or do some kind of collage on top, then… my washi tape called out to me. I picked out some school themed rolls, then a few additional colors and patterns that complemented the school-themed ones, and put them in some kind of order that made visual sense to me at the time. (You know, no real rhyme or reason but it just FEELS right, lol.) Then I started striping the tapes across the pieces.
This was the beginning of something B-E-A-U-TIFUL.

To hold all this together, I basically went through some junk to see if I could find anything usable. (Did I mention I am incredibly frugal? Is this a universal teacher trait? Lol!) I found some rulers in my classroom that were so old the measurements had rubbed off, so I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue to attach the numbers/arrows to the rulers to give it some stability. I scored the chipboard letters and chevron ribbon piece from my existing stash as well, so no moolah spent there. (Brittany is always encouraging us to use what we already have, so I knew she would appreciate that I pulled every item I used for this doorhanger from my existing craft items!)

While I do not teach or really even speak Spanish, I DO however say “Hola!” to the kids and teachers in the hall all the time. So when I found this piece on clearance (the only way I know how to shop), I knew its destiny was to join my washi tape band of decor pieces. It now hangs proudly above the entrance to my classroom, so hey, if I’m not physically in the hall to say it, my sign will speak for me 😉

This little white gift box that I use to hold paperwork was my next guinea pig. The washi tape fancied it up a bit and made it look a tad more fun and purposeful, and less like a random plain white box hanging out on my desk for no reason. It reminds me of the cute decorative organizational boxes at the craft stores – except it’s CUSTOM! Boom.

Finally, yes, I even grabbed my hand sanitizer dispenser and it got the works too. Now it looks like a part of my decor and I can just refill it as needed!

I confess that after these projects came out so cute, I now have a list of other classroom items like my stapler, tape dispenser, and paper clip container that could use a washi makeover before school starts!

Here are a few Washi Tape Tips:

– Lay your strips across the surface of your item first. Allow a little bit of the tape to overlap the side/edge.

– Once you have covered the surface of your item, then select a tape or two to take around the edge. This will give your project a clean compete look.

– Top off your project with a couple coats of Mod Podge. This will act as a sealant to protect your design, as well as keep the tape from peeling or curling up.

Are you Wild about Washi Tape?
Here’s another From This to That project jazzed up with the help of washi tape!