Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Who’s planning a big fiesta for Cinco de Mayo?!? My friends over at Fun Stampers Journey have the brightest banners and pretty party favors perfect for such a party!
Layer these bold banners for the full fiesta effect! Love the fringed paper? You’ll need these handy fringing shears! These adorable straw clips guarantee a smile with every sip!

Break out these banners for so much more than Cinco de Mayo! Who doesn’t love a tasty Taco Tuesday?! These are perfect pieces for a Frida Kahlo-inspired paint party, or even the first fried ice cream of the summer! Kids are always down to party with a piñata, so no holiday necessary!

It’s a Cinco de Mayo party! Crafts, decor, and more! Join me!

Posted by Brittany Young on Sunday, April 29, 2018