Christmas Kitchen Cuties

Happy Holidays Friends!
I have a completely SCRUMPTIOUS (semi) healthy snack that you simply MUST try!
All of the holiday flavors are usually so heavy (not necessarily a bad thing!), and sometimes after a couple days of heavy foods and flavors our tummies request something a little lighter/more natural to balance things out!
Christmas Kitchen Cuties win my family over at snack time!
Try them out on your troop and let me know what you think!!

You’ll Need:

5 Cutie Oranges
1/2 cup melted semi sweet or dark chocolate
Sea salt
Walnuts/Almonds optional!!

Simple Directions (If Brady Bug can do it, YOU can do it!)
Melt the chocolate in 15 second intervals and stir in between. Dip mandarin orange halfway into the chocolate and sprinkle with sea salt while chocolate is still warm. Feelin’ NuTtY?! Place chopped nuts like walnuts or almonds underneath the orange and the chocolate will bond everything together!
Scrumptious AND healthy for the Certified Family WIN!

#live in the Christmas Kitchen with Cuties for a scrumptious holiday snack! Join me????

Posted by Brittany Young on Sunday, December 18, 2016