Girls’ Gathering with Gaylord

If I haven’t mentioned it lately.. I have the absolute sweetest group of gal pals anyone could ever ask for! I feel truly blessed by them on a regular basis, but they really went above and beyond with this event. My girls definitely made this birthday one for the books!

I knew that we were getting together for my birthday, but what a sweet surprise to find out that the girls had invited the mom friends they hear me talking and sharing stories about to come out and share the evening with us!

I was so touched that the girls, even on my birthday, found a way to celebrate and make a positive impact with loved ones. I adore that we were able to incorporate what feels like my life’s purpose into this event, I can’t think of a better bday gift!

My mom boss babes were invited to leave the responsibilities of home for an enchanting evening out to refresh and pour positively into themselves. Gaylord was a sensational one stop shop for exactly what we had in mind!

As we arrived, we enjoyed live music and drinks downstairs. The environment was perfect for relaxing and catching up with friends! We sipped and snacked as we took in the tunes, then moved the party upstairs to our Celebration Suite! Our space was beautifully decorated with supplies from Packed Party and fresh florals from Mint Tulip of Nashville.

Our suite was absolutely perfect. There was plenty of room for all of us to lounge and get ready. Sharing this space together to get prepped and pretty was really nostalgic for everyone! It brought us back to the college days when we would all get dolled up and go out – what sweet memories we were able to reminisce and relive!

While we may not have stayed out as late as we did “back in the day”, we still had just as much fun! We were laughing and joking about how it was so funny that just the night before, we were all just normal moms at home giving babies baths and whatnot… And then here we are the next night, feeling like movie stars living it up at Gaylord in Nashville!

Obviously not that we would EVER change the luxuries of mom life, but it is nice to change pace and scenery once in a while to feel extra special and treat ourselves! We decided that we DEFINITELY want to plan another girls’ night because we all agreed that we loved feeling so refreshed and replenished. Plus, it was unanimous that it was a time to pour into ourselves so that we can be our best selves for our families. So often we run and we give and we do so much for others, we have to remember we can’t pour from an empty vessel. Making time for yourself is not selfish – it’s self-care!