Certified Celebrator Disney Christmas Decor

One advantage to visiting Disney in December – all the Christmas decor and ideas!
As I looked and watched in awe I could NOT WAIT to share the sights with all my friends! Disney makes all the most unique, unexpected, outside the box ideas look simply MAGICAL! Check out all the merry and bright decor – Disney style!

Poinsettia Mickey.. need I say more?!
Where could you go with this?

Bows – The Bigger the Better!!

If you’ve been eyeing those mega-sized decorations and ornaments wondering if you can pull them off… Disney is giving you a BIG thumbs up! Go for it!

Minnie’s Pink Accents Christmas Tree

Love pink but afraid
it won’t fly for Christmas?
Minnie says she’s got your back!

Goofy’s Funky Festive Fun House

Want to pull off that
~eclectic~anything goes~hod podge~
mix of themes and decorations?
You’ve got the
Go Ahead from Goofy!

Pooh & Friends Christmas Tree

Display and emphasize what you really love this holiday! Even if it’s something unexpected (like honey, or carrots…) embrace what your heart desires and flaunt it!

Christmas is what YOU make it! Celebrate in your own style and spirit!
Not sure what that is? Try out several ideas until you find what you like!

Speaking of Christmas Spirit, I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for always believing in me. For supporting me in all of my crazy adventures. For watching my Facebook Live videos. For commenting and sharing. For reading this blog. THANK YOU. I wish I could meet and hug you all. (One day God willing! )
It wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have you all to come home to. Y’all are my girls! Y’all are my home. Y’all are the reason I get to do all of this. I’ll never understand why me! But I’ll always give credit where credit is due (to you!!) … and I’ll always enjoy the journey. BIG VIRTUAL HUGS!!!!